…our “temporary assignment”.

Sometimes when you try to do something you never tried before, you can expend too much energy thinking about it.  What to call it.  How to define it. And where it is all intended to go.

Instead of just loosening the grip, letting go and “doing it”.

Sort of like this – my first blog.

Just trying to get the name right had become a chore. Or rather, I was making it a far more difficult task than it needed to be.

It had to have significance, mass and longevity.


Then I happened upon a quote from author Rick Warren.

I had read his book “The Purpose Driven Life” some time ago and it had cast a deep impression on me. It is one of those books that you need to go back to time and again.


In it, Mr. Warren aptly titles chapter six, “Life Is a Temporary Assignment”.

And you know what ?

It sure is.

And that stuck.

We are all on a temporary assignment.

With only so much time here – in this place – to do what is right, what is best and what we are called to do.

And I guess if we can somehow figure out how to handle those three main parts of it, we will then be making the most of this temporary assignment.  Not just for ourselves.  But more importantly for others.

It appears that I have found a name fitting for the nature of this venture.

“….our temporary assignment”.

But my work on defining it is yet ongoing.

And finding out where this is all going has yet to be seen.


So as this process continues to unfold, I ask your patience with the fits and the starts.

They should become somewhat less frequent and then hopefully subside.

For now, more than ever, my role in the bigger picture is coming more clearly into view.

Only took me a little more than half a century to get there.

And the good Lord willing, I will get to see how things all work out.

Maybe in some small way, this ongoing chronicle of  thoughts, words and deeds will help others see, appreciate and aspire to embrace their temporary assignment as well.


2 thoughts on “…our “temporary assignment”.”

  1. Reblogged this on … our "temporary assignment" © and commented:

    The timer must have gone off early this AM.

    For it was almost seven years ago I began this – my first written venture. A way to document and share some of my liven adventure for anyone that wanted to know about it. Some spell checking and sentence tweaking aside, this is basically it. The start of what my temporary assignment seems to be. Maybe in some small way, it will help you recognize yours too.

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