Even if it is in a garage in Yonkers.

Years ago, I  used to wander over to the SI website to check out Extra Mustard in hopes of finding  something that would elicit a wince, giggle or guffaw.

One day, they featured a  link to a You Tube of the Foo Fighters, playing in some guy’s garage in Yonkers, New York.  It was “the pizza man” – at least that is what he went  by on the title of the video.  He had won some contest, and the prize?  To  have Dave Grohl and his band mates  play a set  – in his garage.

Now I know that the music world lives and dies by the gimmick and slick marketing.  I was not born yesterday. And I know that the Foo Fighters had a new album being released. I understand buzz has to be created in advance of that, and what better venue  than You Tube.

But just because this segment of the world is seems jaded, does not mean I have to see it that way.

These world-renowned musicians, brought their gear to some guy’s garage in Yonkers, New York and played “lights out”.

They performed like they were head liners at a 100,000 seat stadium gig.

They could have phoned it in and gone through the motions. But they jumped in with both feet and threw themselves into it.   Obviously, they all had fun doing it. You could see the joy in their faces as they played a three song set.

Just look for your self:

I am sure part of it was that they have a passion for their craft. They did not become a premier rock band dispassionately.

I am also  sure that part of it was they couldn’t believe they were jamming between a tool bench, a refrigerator and a poster of Angus Young in some garage, in Yonkers.

But somewhere down deep, it must have been a homecoming of sorts for all of them.

For a moment, they got to reflect on how far they have come as musicians. Plus, it was a chance to “start all over again”, in front of 30 or so of their biggest fans. After all isn’t playing before a throng of friends in the garage where most musicians got their chops?

You cannot dispute  that you need to dream big if you are going to achieve big.  However, you cannot simply wish dreams true.

It takes effort, attitude and commitment to make things happen. But it really isn’t about where you are going as much as how you are getting there.

The prize at the end is nice, but the journey is the most valuable aspect of any pursuit.

Dave and his fellow Fighters of Foo had a chance to go back to where it might have all started for them as musicians; in a garage.

They gave that small gathering in Yonkers a precious opportunity to feel the joy they get from making their music.

For that three song set, they were all connected in that creative effort.  It was a bond that was far more than just gimmickry, marketing and creating media buzz to launch the next release.

So find the joy in all that you do, every time you do it.

Don’t hoard it all for your self.

Spread it around, share it and bring others into it.

Never wait for that perfect moment.

Start anytime and anywhere.

Even if it is in a garage in Yonkers.


One thought on “Even if it is in a garage in Yonkers.

  1. Reblogged this on …a "temporary assignment" © and commented:

    Considering the time of year and we are searching for sources of joy, I thought I would freshen this one up and share it again. Joy is where you allow your self to find it in moments big and small.

    The first snow fall of the year. The smile on a stranger’s face. In a pizza man’s garage.

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