Wardrobe Malfunctions – to honor my Dad

To honor the spirit of my dad this Father’s day weekend, I fertilized the yard last night in my business clothes – but wearing my gray New Balance yard work shoes. It was “Doc’s” SOP to cut the grass in suit pants and white dress shirt. Everyone where I grew up, up and down Franklin Street, knew him for that.

Then, this morning, I just went to Sendiks to get a can of coffee wearing a Rockies baseball cap, a red t shirt, tan cargo shorts, brown dress socks and brown dress shoes. Didn’t think I had it in me, and there were several moments of fear, pause and introspection. I made the long drive to the store, turned off my car, sucked it up and made it happen. I am a better man for it. Well, at least getting closer to being a better man – like my dad.

There was no combination of clothes, colors or patterns my dad wouldn’t wear in public. I don’t think he was into making a statement – he just did not care. In many ways, that was the beauty of Dad – he was what he was – and he knew who he was.

As a grandparent, he aimed to pass these wonderful talents down to my two oldest – Sarah and Michael. One day, long, long ago, Mikey and Sarah spent the afternoon swimming in Grandpa and Grandma’s kiddie pool, in their underwear. Once they got to the point that they were wrinkled, their lips were blue from hypothermia, and they were hungry, he simply wrapped them in towels and took them to Mickey D’s. In their underwear. I cannot confirm what Dad wore. A true Hallmark moment.

So there is still the rest of today and tomorrow to honor him in some fashion. (puns – another thing I learned from him.)

I am sure he cracked a smile up there last night and this morning.

I learned from the best – and in many ways – I am still learning from the best.

Thank you dad.

I miss you.

I love you.


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