G = R

Ralph Marston Jr., inspirational author and creator of “The Daily Motivator” once said; “Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.”

If you want, you could take this idea and even reduce it further, into a basic equation.  Like:

G – D = R

Simple arithmetic.

With some effort, commitment and the right attitude, you can solve this problem, the sum of which is  powerful, lasting and positive results.

A goal is where you where you want to go, what you want to do, what you ‘see’ yourself becoming.  But it takes more than sight to see that far away, in time and space. It requires extraordinary vision to be able to “see” a goal.

On the one hand, you can never afford to lose sight of the present; the moment you are in right now.  The present is invaluable and not to be overlooked. It is where all the prep work takes place. Discipline and commitment are learned in the present.  Habits instilled.  Attitudes formed. Character  revealed.

Yet on the other hand, you also need to develop the skill to be able to look up and check the horizon. So you can  establish your coordinates, alter course and adjust your long term plans if need be.

If at that point it appears that your destination – the goal – is getting closer, then perhaps your work in the present is paying off. You are making progress.  You are effecting your reality.

However, if you look up and find that the horizon seems farther away than when you last looked, or is missing altogether, perhaps it is time to regroup.

It can be at this juncture where doubt can make its presence known.  Excuses, rationalization and self pity will follow suit and begin to take their toll.  A negative attitude can add to the inertia, increasing drag, acting as an anchor.

Self-doubt can begin to slowly destroy your spirit, overshadow your confidence, bury your talent, and push you to simply quit.  The voice within you that has always said. “I know I can” grows silent.

Self doubt is a choice, and if you allow it to take root it can diminish the value of your goal substantially.  Allow it to grow and get out of control, self doubt will ultimately erase your goal in its entirety, leaving in its wake, a reality marked by unrealized potential, disappointment and pain.

Your choices wield the power to ignore self doubt’s distractions and  eliminate them altogether.

You can choose to refuse doubt.

With vision, a positive attitude, and the ‘want to’ to eliminate the presence of self doubt, the equation for success becomes simpler yet.

Goals equal reality.

Or if you prefer some simple math?


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