The ultimate force multiplier

“As one “.

Not just some catchy slogan  nor the paradigm du jour.

And it is far more than just a reminder, rallying cry  or  call to action.

It defines the genuine, positive and lasting force multiplier that works across many levels.

Ultimately, “as one”  goes to the very  essence of what a team is intended to be.

And, what each person within it can grow to become.

At first,  when a group of individuals begins to mesh, work  and grow together, they can evolve into a team.

But once that team has reached the point  where they can feel, think, speak and act “as one” – they will have achieved a rare feat.

They will have positioned themselves to liberate their talents, leverage their abilities and maximize their potential to perform at an extraordinary level of intention, intensity and achievement.


A team that can take this genuine leap of faith and commit to make the transition to function “as one”, fosters an environment of opportunity.  One that enriches personal growth through the pursuit of excellence. Precisely the type of setting that leads one team to thrive while others struggle just to  get by.

Only “as one” can the team, and the individuals within it, adopt the appropriate behaviors and develop the specific habits that affirm its purpose, its path and its trajectory.  And as these behaviors and habits are learned, instilled and reinforced, they become the norm.

The “SOP”.

Foundation of all expectations.

Only “as one” can a team establish the family like setting, where you can fully reveal yourself to your siblings, expose your weakness, your faults, your needs and your desires – and –  be accepted.

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Taking the risk to entrust your teammates with this knowledge, helps them to entrust the same with you. It empowers all with the freedom to simply “be”.

Once you can “be” then all can focus on what they  always intended to become; extraordinary.


In the openness of this setting, excellence can become not simply the desire or goal but the benchmark for all future endeavors, regardless of your role or responsibility.

Thoughts, words and deeds gradually become focused on attaining and maintaining that objective. And as a result, success can also become your constant companion.

Individually, as one raises the level of commitment to the team and to teammates – physically, mentally and emotionally – one can  become a singular positive force multiplier.


Your effect on others and yourself increases exponentially.

As one learns to push beyond supposed physical limitations and imagined boundaries of comfort, one will recognize that the quality of getting is always predicated by the quantity of giving.

Emptying yourself  inevitably leads others to follow suit.

As one develops the mental acuity to eliminate distractions and have a short memory span when it comes to mistakes, one will develop the talent to find opportunity within all obstacles, teaching your teammates to do so as well.

As one removes the limitations imposed by selfish interests, sheds the constraints of ego and moves beyond “me”, one will unleash a positive and lasting energy that can only be found in “we”.


As one finds the courage to give up what  is most important to you so that others can become the best version of themselves – you are becoming the best version of yourself in the process.

As one finds a way to love their team mates enough to make them the center of their universe, one  will find they will have the faith to make the same commitment to you.

As one finds a way to commit and connect with their teammates, their bond becomes that of the proverbial bundle of sticks.

“As one”, that cohesive bundle is built to endure,  surpass expectations,  test the very limits of potential and create uncommon opportunity.

Whether “as one” or as one, it clearly defines something genuine, positive and lasting.

The ultimate force multiplier.


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