Building an ‘excellence’ frame of mind

If you build a frame of mind that can  house the life long pursuit of excellence, then all  that you think, all that you  say and everything you do can be targeted directly towards that outcome.

Although attitude is everything, excellence  is far more than just that.  As Aristotle once said, “You will become what you repeatedly do”. Over time, you will achieve excellence by behaving in that fashion.

When you build a house, you first need to envision what it will look like.  Once you can create a mental picture of that, The foundation is dug, A carpenter frames it in, and a dwelling is created. In time, it becomes a home, housing your way of life.

If you can develop a plan in your mind of what excellence looks like, then,  you can create a similar structure to house a lifelong pursuit of the thoughts, words, deeds and eventually habits that will be needed for that journey.

Work and effort will need to be part of the foundation.  They are the essential elements to any worthwhile pursuit.  Only effort – unrelenting and committed – can provide the lessons that sustain your attitude and make this endeavor possible.

When you place a high value on effort, guided by that singular vision of making it your way of life,  it inevitably becomes “you”; an essential element of who you are as a person.

When it comes to framing out your mind towards excellence, your plans need to leave room for “additions”. The person you are now may not be the same size as the person you want to become.

The pursuit of excellence may take you on some twists and turns and you may be called to mentor and serve others along the way.  You may need to take them in: they may need to stay with you a while.

For that reason, when you frame your mind towards excellence, leave room in your plans to add-on.  With a foundation set in the bedrock of effort and work, you can literally build upward an outward as far as your dreams can take you.

This building process is not something that can be accomplished overnight, in a week, a month or maybe even within in a year.

You may find you need to dig a deeper foundation.  You might even forgo a roof for a while; while you keep your feet on the ground  your eyes can have an unrestrained view of the stars.

Excellence – being the best possible version of you – can become your way of life.

Frame it in your mind, build it and make it your home.


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