It will be there

Yesterday morning, my coach shared a parable about three trees in a forest, and their lofty aspirations to some day become the great things of their dreams.


The first tree longed to become a treasure box while the second one dreamed of being  a magnificent sailing ship.

The third tree had a different vision, simply wanting to remain planted, pointed skyward; the tallest tree in the forest.

As the story unfolded, it became apparent that each tree’s dream was going to be fulfilled, just not in the manner they believed.

They had been so focused on what they wanted to be, they could not understand what they were intended to be.  In one sense, they couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

This time of year tends to bring with it very high expectations and a great deal of anticipation.

Many wishes, high hopes and big dreams that have been hidden away, held ever so tightly, are tied to this one moment.

Consequently, what It is intended to be a joyous time, an opportunity to connect and share,  can become one of disappointment and despair if we don’t get exactly what we asked for.

Maybe it wasn’t the  treasure box that it had hoped for, but it still wound up holding a most precious gift.

Perhaps the vessel had but one mast and was filled with fishing nets, but it ended up being captained by a king.

And sometimes being the tallest is more about stature than height.

We all get what we need, just not always in the form we wanted.

So when the time comes and you look under the tree, don’t miss it.

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Look again.

It will be there.



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