If only we can “let it be”.

When circumstances warrant, that  small voice inside  – our conscience – gently tries to nudge us towards the right choices, promoting the greater good for all of us.

Another,  on a slightly different mission, urges us to follow our passion and to pursue our dreams.

And one more, from even deeper within, longs to also make its presence known, articulating an altogether different message.  

One communicated both to and through our heart, with a spiritual presence that can be felt in a physical sense.

The voice of conscience, passion and purpose spur us to assert ourselves, to commit, and take decisive action.

As does this one; beckoning us to act decisively to constrain ourselves.  

Urging us to stop and reflect.

So that a much bigger plan can be realized.

In its own distinctive way, this particular voice  simply asks us to  “let it be”.

Words immortalized by those four chaps from Great Britain that portend a monumental task.

A command to actively engage  in the pursuit of trust and cultivate patience.

To ultimately permit that trust and patience to conjoin and blossom fully into faith.

“Let it be” is the  warm assurance that despite appearances otherwise,  “things will all work out”.

It is the arm around the shoulder that says, “it will be ok”.

And more often than not,  it is exactly  that message that we need to hear, precisely when it needs to be heard.

Personal skirmishes, petty disturbances and perceived slights that have absolutely no bearing on the bigger picture can and will  eventually clutter up our days.

They absorb valuable emotional energy and sap our physical  strength. They hollow out our psyche and encourage the self-pity that can lead to spiritual inertia.

But those three words, spoken through our hearts by that voice,  can be the perfect remedy to overcome the  darkest thoughts, remove self-doubt, alleviate disappointment or put failure in the proper perspective.

To allow ourselves to ‘let it be” means that we have equipped ourselves to move past the transient distractions that only serve to divert our focus from what is truly important.

Listening to, choosing to and getting to that point where we can actually “let it be” are not in the least passive activities.

Allowing things “to be” requires effort.

It demands our active participation, an emotional and spiritual investment thrown in for good measure, and,  commitment.

But once we are there, and this realization takes root,  “knowing” from within that things will work out helps us re-center ourselves.

An  inner strength – and peace – flows from “letting it be”, reinforcing the essential elements of trust and bolstering our patience.

Faith can flourish in this environment.

The calming and supportive reassurance of this message – “let it be” –  could be considered one of our most basic human needs.

Though the respite it  brings might only last a matter of minutes, it is almost  always  a personal game changer.

Enabling us to move beyond.

Creating some much-needed distance between a recent hurt and the healing.

And bringing the faith that empowers us to get on with life.

If only we can “let it be”.


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