Now that is a happy place

It might seem counter intuitive, but the key to greater self-mastery lies in less control and more “let go”.

The first step, to “let it be”,  is an exercise in trust that builds our patience and leads us to faith.  To “let it be” is not about passivity.  It is about making a choice; a personal affirmation that “things will be “ok”.

It is granting consent to allow “things” to play out, to work according to plan.

Not ours.


When we set to work on our personal infrastructure, and build a foundation of trust, patience and faith, we will be getting close to this point; where we can start to “let go”.

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Even if much of our internal footings have been laid, it may yet take time.  There still could be some settling.  It might shift, contract or expand under stress.

Depending on the circumstance, our convictions might be confirmed or our confidence shaken.  The challenges in our life may expose cracks in trust and fissures in our faith.  A patch may suffice in the short-term. But then again, you might need to tear it all down and start over again.

It can be rather disconcerting to loosen your grip, to just “let go”.

On the one hand, much of the discomfort is due to the uncertainty you feel about the outcome.  The consequences of “letting go” ushers in that uneasy feeling of “what happens next?”.  On the other hand, this uneasiness  might stem from a confession; that you really aren’t  – or ever will be – in control.

Perhaps what we “think” is best for us and for others can get in the way of what really is.

Our minds can play all sorts of tricks and perform exquisite reams of calculus to rationalize almost anything.  The reality of the situation is that our “wants” may never mesh with our actual “needs”.

There is a fundamental truth.

We are hardwired for it.

Deep down, we all know what it is.  Regardless of our opinion, it remains.  We create endless  distractions to avoid confronting it and accepting what we know to be true.  Gripping ever so tightly,  we allow our overwhelming fear of “what may happen next” to hold us hostage.

To “let go”  isn’t at all about giving up or resignation.

It isn’t conceding defeat.


It is about choosing surrender.

Despite what we think about this, to “let go” and turn things over, isn’t a sign of weakness. To cease resistance and cede our authority to our higher power sets us on a path to a greater sense of independence.  Through acceptance and acknowledging that fundamental truth – that we aren’t really in control – we are free to become all that we were intended to be.

Getting to this point will take time.

Only once we are able to “let go”, can we gain a greater sense of direction.  Our renewed optimism reveals a clarity of purpose, limitless potential and boundless opportunity.

Like coming home, this level of awareness is always welcome, inherently warm and eternally comforting.

Now that is a happy place.


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