Filling the void

Sports, business and politics provides ample opportunities to engage in discussion about “filling a void.”  A football team may have a void in the secondary or a basketball team might have a void at sixth man.  In business, a corporation might be looking to fill a void with a new product or service within a specific market.   A political candidate may be looking to fill a void for a certain constituency.

In sports, the draft, trades or free agency, are used to find and develop the people to fill a team need. In business, a marketing plan may divine the right product or service for a particular industry. And in politics, campaigns and elections are intended to allow the candidate to prove he or she is the best. 

What about all of the other important voids that need to be filled in everyday life?

Who fills in when the person that always seems to hold the door open for others is not there ? How about the individual with the perpetual warm smile and kind words for everyone?  What happens when they go on IR in the game of life?   

Who executes that marketing plan that says there is a need to help someone change a tire during rush hour?  Or spare a stranger $10 for gas when they are broke down on the shoulder?  How do we insure that those important interpersonal transactions are closed?  

What about that person – the one with the impeccable timing – that knows when to listen, when to share just the right words of encouragement?  Or the trusted mentor or friend that knows exactly when they need to call or stop and visit? How about the one that stands with someone being bullied?  If they aren’t there, how do we insure these important constituents are represented? 

When those voids have to be filled, who is going to come off the bench to fill them?

It is exciting to think about the upcoming  NFL draft, the next generation of “I” products, or the 2012 election.  Probably not so much when it comes to these mundane team, service and constituent issues.   However, when the time comes, and someone needs to pick up the ball and carry it – so to speak –  how do we make sure that it does get done?  

What can we do to fill the void? 

Just remember: 

We are all on the same team; we just need to know our plays and be ready to make the most of our opportunity when a starter goes down. 

We are hardwired with the grand marketing plan; we are the perfect product that is needed to serve others. 

We will always be a constituent to each other; always being our best will bring out their best.  




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