The power of your choices

Here we are – at the cusp of a new year. It is times like this that careful consideration will be given to making all sorts of choices.

Will you do things differently this year – not just for the sake of
change – but for the sake of improving?

Will you choose to venture outside of your comfort zone and
tackle that challenge head on – you know – the one that has
always eluded you?

And once you choose to face that one challenge, will you then
choose to make the commitment to see it through?

Regardless of the nature of your decision – you
will always have the power to make a

Choices can be tricky. Sometimes, you can get so caught
up in making a “great” choice that you end up stuck –
not choosing to do anything because you might be
too concerned that it will not work out exactly
right. (I admit – I am guilty of that sometimes.)

Every choice does not need to be destined for
the hall of fame. Instead of aiming for perfection,
you might find exactly what you need by striving to
make solid fundamental choices.

There is a lot to be said for making “good “ –
nothing spectacular – just sound decisions. For
example – study more. Read books. Listen more.
Stop worrying. Pick up after your self. Help
someone in need. Respect yourself.

Just like football practice, the more of these
sound choices you make, the better prepared you
will be once you need to make a major decision. You
will be ready for when the game of life is on the

As you grow up, both the size and impact of the
choices you make will grow along with you. You will
decide on a course of study, a career, marriage and
starting your own family. Believe it or not – some of
the choices you begin to make right now will
influence the choices you make later.

So how will you choose to make this new year
your own?

Will you choose to challenge yourself to do
something you have always wanted to do?

Ultimately – that choice will always be yours.


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