Everyday is a miracle

When I first saw the US Air jet floating in the Hudson River, my jaw dropped.  Then the details began to trickle out, the story began to unfold: 60 on board – no wait – 155 passengers, a flock of geese takes out an engine – no – both engines.  Then came the word that the jet was at 3200’ when it lost power. Frantic calls about the unimaginable; to find suitable “low population” landing sites to handle an emergency landing.

Soon, there were indelible images splashed across the internet; passengers huddled on the wings, standing in frigid water. Ferries slowly moving toward the sinking plane, and the life rafts. Then,  the stories of the silence that gripped the cabin as it coasted towards the Hudson. The tears of fear, the tales of courage and acts of heroism as strangers on a plane looked after one another and made the unthinkable possible – all 155 safe and sound.  And lastly, the captain going back into the sinking fuselage again and again to make sure all were accounted for.

Imagine all of the things that had to go exactly right for this to end the way it did.

As this unfolded, I began to wonder if those that had been a part of it would check their personal “to do lists” and make the most of this precious gift.  Would this miraculous event prompt them to behave any differently, try to correct past wrongs and look to live their lives differently?

I wonder.

It is sad to think that it would take a “scare” of this magnitude to open eyes and hearts that have been closed for too long.  It is sad to think that it takes something to go so wrong to make us see what is going so right.

Everything that needed to go right that afternoon in New York – did.  But I will bet so many other things did that day as well.  So if you really look at it, isn’t every day in itself a miracle?

So many things go right every moment of our lives.

Each day brings new opportunities for growth, learning and success. Endless possibilities come and go right under our noses, past our ears and within view.  But instead of really grasping all of what is going right – we instead focus on the minutiae; the slights – real or imagined, the inconveniences, the superficial flaws, and nits.

Our vision rarely gazes upon what is really going on.

What is really important.

All of the things that are going right.

All’s it takes is the wake up call; the near miss on the highway as you text, the close friend that falls ill. An emergency landing in the Hudson River.

Cherish what goes right each day – for it truly is a miracle.


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