Student before athlete

Academics should always be the central focus of your everyday school experience.

But wait Coach Hahn; aren’t you just stating the obvious?


How much socializing, party planning and just plain goofing off goes on during your everyday “school experience”?

When you get to your seat in your home room each morning, are you more concerned about what the teacher has in the lesson plan – or what you and your friends will do during lunch?

Are you thinking about Halo or history?  Rock Band or real band?

Is finding your five seconds of fame on “You Tube” more important than actually learning to express your thoughts through the written word?

Are IM’s and text messages your idea of reading for fun?

Are you adept at finding ways to make it to practice – even when you have a headache – but you cannot muster the effort to study when you just “feel tired”?

How is it that you can be first in line to do your favorite drill at practice – but you can never seem to raise your hand over your head to answer a question in class?

Are you tough enough to put success in Algebra ahead of success in athletics?

Academic success is all just a matter of focus.  Don’t lose sight of what is really important.


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