a great life-giver to others

“…..But the Spirit isn’t in me to just to stay there.

Like Jesus, I am sent to breathe this Spirit upon the world in order to change the world for the better….there are options.

I can breathe hatred into the world.  I can breathe suspicion.  I can breathe revenge.  I can breathe divisiveness.

But because the I have the Spirit, I also have the option to breathe what Jesus breathed all around.

I can breathe life.

With this Spirit comes the call to greatness.

I am still going to make mistakes.

I am still going to be whoever I am; impetuous, a person that gets angry, whatever.

I am not called to be faultless.

But I am called to be great – a great forgiver, a great life-giver to others.”

The Little Black Book



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