By the looks of this trailer and from what I have read about this documentary, “Undefeated” has all the makings of being something very special. Add to that an Oscar, and well, maybe it is worth the price of admission.

Being “undefeated” isn’t just something that is related to having a goose egg in the “L” column.  Once you open the link to the trailer, you will begin to understand why.  Coach Courtney is far more concerned about the character of those young men, who they are as a person and what they can become.

Having an unblemished character would make you “undefeated.”

Making all of the right choices, all of the time, without ever an error in judgement would put you into a class all your own; the rarefied air. This is something that we should all aspire to do; to strive to do what is right, to cast a positive impression on our family, friends and the world around us. However,  I sense that Coach Courtney has something else in mind.

We do make mistakes.  We do have lapses in judgement.  We have this incredible ability to create the most wonderful ideas one moment, and  then say something horrible the next instant, out of the blue.  When things get tough, perhaps due to a circumstance we might have created – or maybe not – we might look for the easy way out.  Easy is not always right. More often than not, once convenience is allowed to override the decision-making process, we can  find ourselves right back where we started in  the first place.

In no way am I trying to speak  for Coach Courtney, but it seems to me that being “undefeated” has a much deeper meaning. To be “undefeated” means that despite our faults, our weaknesses and our circumstances, we are not going to allow ourselves to become defeated.  Not simply in the sense of losing; some days, our best may not be enough. Remaining “undefeated” is a mindset, an attitude we can choose to live by.

In many ways, becoming defeated is a choice.

If you allow your faults, your collection of bad decisions and the times you allowed yourself to falter when you should have been strong, you are then choosing to let those moments define you.  Once so defined, you will find it increasingly harder to become what you were meant to be.  Once you have labeled yourself in this manner, your thoughts, words and actions will tend to mirror those  expectations and behaviors.  You defeat your self.

Once this happens, not only are you defeated, but you have lost.

Not only have you lost, but you are lost.

There is no need to lose your way.  You need not put yourself on that path.

If you can find an appreciation of your value and learn to see potential that you have as a powerful and positive force in others’ lives, in time you will begin to see your  faults and failures in a different light.

You will be able to choose to define yourself in the way that you responded to each “loss”, whether in thought, word or action. You will develop a mindset that despite my faults and weaknesses, “I can still captain my destiny.”

Accept defeats – whatever their source – for what they are.

But always respond in a fashion that will forever define you as  “undefeated”.


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