The engine that is enthusiasm

Mr. Emerson once said: “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success.”  

Enthusiasm can propel you towards capturing your goals, realizing your dreams and achieving success. An attitude of enthusiasm is a natural complement to  having a positive attitude. The two are  especially effective when partnered as sibling mindsets.

Think of a positive attitude as the effect of wearing a slightly different version of night vision goggles.

Perhaps they might be called “P.M.A. (positive mental attitude) Goggles”.  This custom optical system would enable you to see through the obfuscations and distortions in everyday challenges and other brands of adversity.  In filtering out the negative illusions of these obstacles, all that would be left to “see” is the opportunity and the potential for good.

Developing a positive attitude will equip you with the ability to “see”  the opportunity that actually resides in every moment of adversity.

No matter the size or scope of the obstacle, your attitude means everything.  Being positive about the circumstances you find yourself in keeps you grounded with the correct perspective.  It helps you maintain your focus and preserves your energy so that you can expend it pursuing  the possibilities that await you.

Not worrying, obsessing or pondering what happened.

Once you are able to “see” the good that lies wrapped within adversity and capture the image of that  opportunity, you need something to energize your response.

An attitude of enthusiasm represents the emotional investment  you make in each opportunity you uncover.

It is akin to the “want to” you use to take  advantage of and make the most of those opportunities.  It might start small at first; with that initial sense of accomplishment that can only be generated when you figure out that there is something good to be found within a challenge.

However, that feeling can quickly turn into “I can do this!”.  

That then is followed by “this is great!”!  

Once this attitude of enthusiasm takes root,  you may find  yourself being totally “lost” in some activity or pursuit.

You know, that happy place where  you get so involved and wrapped up in doing something that you lose track of time, forget about dinner and don’t even care that you miss “Dancing with the Stars”.

If you have been “here”  before, then you can bring that same level of enthusiasm to everything you do.

First, you need to see it.

Then, you need to be it.

Having a positive attitude always reveals the good that lay within all circumstances.

An attitude of enthusiasm bonds you to that opportunity, creating the emotional investment you need to see it through.

One leads to the other.

Ultimately, they always help to lead you to that happy place.


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