Student before athlete

Bekah Rennicke has been playing softball for a very long time.  But before she took to the field, I’ll bet she took to the classroom.  If you listen closely, you will learn that she is also pursuing a double major, with a GPA that is very close to her batting average.

This level of performance and her commitment to excellence just doesn’t happen.  It started many years ago, probably where most of you are right now.  It took a great deal of practice, both in the classroom, as well as on the diamond.  Early on, Bekah recognized that athletics was a very important and integral part of her life, but not the center piece.

Softball has long been a part of who she is, but it will never be all that she is.

The same applies to all of you.

You should never think that being the absolute best version of you is somehow limited to one aspect of your life.  You are a growing combination of all your talents and experiences.  Each day, you have an opportunity to add – or subtract – to this foundation.

If you allocate your time, energy and focus to building now, you will put yourself in an excellent position to master both your self as well as your course later in life.

Just like Bekah.


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