Head up, eyes down field.

You might have heard this maybe once or twice the past few seasons.  Well, maybe three times. Tops.

Football needs to be played with your head up and your eyes down field.

With your head up, your chest has to follow. For this to happen, your hips can only be in one position: low.  That puts you in the ideal  football ready position.  You have balance. You can maximize leverage.  You can move every which way. Your core can be engaged.  You can safely execute a block, make a tackle, defend a pass.

With your eyes down field, not only do you know where you are going, but more importantly, you can also see what is coming. At the line of scrimmage, your opponent cannot divine where the play is headed with your eyes down field.  You preserve your element of surprise – and  eliminate their ability to “do unto you.”

“Head up and eyes down field” is much more than hips, leverage and not giving the play away.

It is a frame of mind you adopt; a commitment you make not just to yourself, but to  your team mates as well.  It is essentially choosing to play big, to consistently exceed expectations and define your performance in terms of always going above and beyond.

When your head is up, you exude confidence, courage and strength.

You are positioned to  meet each and every challenge face to face. Confidence – thinking that you can do it – can only take you most of the way. That is why your chest always follows your head, so you can perform with heart.  Your core muscles –  “want to”, enthusiasm and a passion for pursuing excellence – buttress your confidence, fortifies your courage and restores your strength.

With your eyes down field, you will be better able to see opportunity.

And if you can see it, you can catch it.  Once caught, you have another opportunity; to create success. However, unless your vision is accompanied by unparalleled effort and perseverance, success will remain elusive and excellence an illusion.

Eyes down field allows you to see beyond the immediate, providing you with a brief glimpse of the future. That in itself is another source of opportunity, one that can only be captured only with decisive, intentional action.

Head up.

Play safe, play big, play with passion.

Eyes down field.

You have to see where you are so you can envision where you can go.



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