Your story is still being written

It was the first game of the season.

We had spotted our opponent two scores, but one could sense the momentum had begun to shift back in our favor. It was only half time.  More football was yet to be played.  New opportunities would be created.   Second, third and fourth chances would need to be recognized,  embraced and realized.

The outcome was yet to be determined.

Nothing had been decided for that morning, let alone that day or the season.

In one respect, it was just one sentence, from one paragraph, within a chapter, of a much larger story

A story still being written.

Written by you.

At times, and under certain circumstances, it might appear that “things” have already been decided; predetermined. However, appearances can be deceiving.  Perceptions can become filtered.  What you “see” may be what you choose to observe rather than what is really there.

It isn’t so much an eyesight thing as it is a vision thing.

Sometimes, when it serves an immediate purpose, what you choose to “see” is used as cover; to deflect your responsibility for having a poor attitude, giving a lackluster effort or being scattered in your focus.  “Seeing” the world around you in this fashion, helps to create an out.  It is a way to cut  yourself some slack – to make  an excuse – allowing  you to “feel good” about yourself.


“It wasn’t meant to be”.

“It wasn’t my turn.”

“It wasn’t in the cards”.

That is probably what you will “see” if you choose to allow the nebulous  idea of some force of “destiny” exerting its will to define you, guide your life and determine every outcome.

True, “things” do happen.

There may be circumstances that can thrust you into a position you have never experienced before.  You may find yourself not at the limits of your comfort zone, but a country mile outside of it.

But you can always choose the response.  And in your response, you will define not only the circumstance, but also yourself.

There can be no destiny other than the one you decide to make for yourself.

You can decide to happen to things.

You are – and always will be – the author of your own story.


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