“….I don’t know how I can’t do it”

On more than one occasion, someone will tell me: “I don’t know how you can do it”.

I have to be honest.

I just don’t know how I can’t do it.

I find myself in this place, wondering what on heaven and earth I did to be so utterly blessed.

Words cannot adequately express how totally humbled I am by the  trust I have been granted to carry the load I have been given.

The praises, the “thanks” and  the words of support I receive mean a great deal to me; they fill my tank. Yet, being the closed book that I am, I just have an extremely hard time accepting all of these gifts.  I have so many already; I feel like a hoarder,  winning the lottery every single day.  Anything extra just seems to spill out over the edges – and from the corners of my eyes.

I will be the first to admit: I am more than just overwhelmed.

I am inundated.

At first, it was the weight of the load that seemed to be crushing me. In time, with equal measures of patience and faith, I began to see things in a different light.  I began to understand and appreciate what I had really been given.

Once that happened, I began to carry the weight in a different fashion.

Ultimately, it wasn’t the weight that had overpowered me.

It was the love that had truly “runneth over” my life.

Now, recognizing  that, I just don’t know how can’t I do it.








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