Build it, and they will learn

You know those people that stand out from all the rest?  The ones that have this innate sense for leadership, a strong character and the ability to make good choices – no matter how tough the situation is?

Well, that would be Ryan Baranko.

As a Boy Scout here in Mequon-Thiensville, Ryan was working hard, rising up through the ranks, his heart set on becoming an Eagle Scout. Just like his dad.  And they say Eagles don’t flock.

Ryan needed a project; something that would provide a lasting and profound benefit for our community.  With so many motivated Boy Scouts here in Mequon-Thiensville, Ryan had his work cut out for him.

In the process of researching potential projects, Ryan contacted the administration at Lake Shore Middle School. They expressed an interest in building an outdoor classroom that could be used not only by teachers for class room instruction, but also as a student gathering place during recess.

Working in concert, Ryan and the Lake Shore administration  developed a plan to create a semi-circle of eight benches, cemented into the ground, that could seat up to 30 students.

Once the plans were set, Ryan sought out the expertise and support of Cardinal Coach Steve Auchter – who also happens to own Auchter Construction, Inc.  Coach Auchter is one of Mequon-Thiensville’s hidden treasures.  You can always count on Coach Auchter.

Ryan also reached out to the M-T Optimists for some seed money to get the project rolling.  Since Ryan was a Cardinal – before he becomes an Eagle – we also provided him with a check to be used for supplies.

There was an ideal spot, on the LSMS campus, close to the Back 40 Nature Center, just crying out for this type of improvement.

Ryan, his brother Robby, Dad – Jon – and several other Scouts – including fellow Cardinals David Pfaff and Chris Malicky – were able to make short work of this just a few weeks ago.

It is beautiful.

What a tremendous asset for the kids, the school and our community.

In the not too distant future, Ryan will be honored for this special accomplishment.

When that happens, yet another Cardinal  will become an Eagle. 


One thought on “Build it, and they will learn”

  1. Ryan, we are so proud of you. What an incredible young man. Keep leaving lasting impressions wherever you go. Love, Maggie and Jamie

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