Coach Hahn’s Top Ten

1. Destiny = choice

The thoughts you think – right now – the words you say – right now – and the deeds you do – right now – are creating the foundation for what someday you will become. They all represent choices. Your choices. These decisions you make now and will make down the road, coupled with the lessons you learn from them creates a path for your future. A mentor of mine years ago shared a little rhyme about this very same subject:”You are the captain.And you are the crew. The course you pursue is totally up to you.”

2. Don’t hide.

You are all masterpieces in your own way. You have talents and abilities like no other. As such, what you have to give to the rest of us can only come from you. So don’t hide them. Don’t be a horder. Bring them out in the open. Share them. Just as you need to use them to the fullest – we all need the enrichment they can provide. Gifts that only you can provide.

3. Discipline is the golden ticket

To get what you want, to go where to want to go, and to be what you want to become requires effort. Not just some of the time. All of the time. To achieve that level of commitment requires the “D” word: discipline. If you can strive to develop discipline, you will be creating the habits that will lead to achievement. As you begin to make permanent these habits, those achievements will multiply. You will then  be in a position to pursue excellence. And as you pursue excellence, opportunity will become ever more abundant. Once there is opportunity, success will surely follow.

4. A dream is your blueprint.

A dream isn’t a wish. It is a vividly detailed image of you – the moment you accomplish something very important to you. When I say vividly detailed image – I don’t mean stick figures. I am talking about Lucasfilms, THX, PIXAR quality with surround sound. That image of what you want to do, where you want to go, or what you want to be, becomes the focal point of everything you do along the way to get there. Then – all you need to do is make what is going on out “here” to match what you see in your head and what you feel in your heart. A piece of cake.

5. Don’t quit. Ever.

Too often, you can be right on the verge of something momentous, life changing and extraordinary. But because you aren’t there quite yet, because you still can’t see it or sense it – you stop. You quit. You might have been an inch away – a foot away – or a mile away. Whatever the case – at that precise moment, you were closer to making it happen than you ever were when you first started. Don’t defeat yourself by giving up all you have gained up to that point. Hold on. Just a little longer. The tide will turn.

6. Adversity is always a when proposition.

Adversity is there for a reason. Not to victimize you or to make life miserable. It is meant to test you. That is its job. True, these tests have been known to cause disappointment, heartache and pain. But you know what? You will only get the tests that you can handle. You are entrusted to handle them. That is how you can become what you were intended to be. That is known as “the silver lining. “

7. There are ears and eyes all around you.

What you think leads to what you say – and – what you do. All of which reveals who you are. You character. There will always be ears and eyes around you to capture that moment. The “who” that you are can have an immediate and lasting impact on many, many others. That, in turn can have an immediate and lasting impact on you as well. Knowing all of that, wouldn’t you want to leave a positive mark on the world?

8. Listen to that voice.

There will come a time when you will have to make some tough decisions. You might be challenged, pressured or manipulated to say or do something that doesn’t seem quite right. A very wise man once said: “You know what to do”. Have the courage to listen to that little voice right within you. The one within your core. Don’t think you know better. Just listen to what it says. It might be tough, but you can do it. Because when you do, you will always end up right where you need to be.

9. Love your friends enough to be honest with them. Let them love you the same way back.

Easier said than done. Especially if the things they are thinking, saying or doing makes that little voice in you start to shout. Or the things you are thinking, saying or doing makes that little voice in them start to shout just as loud. It might be tough, they might get mad at you, you might get mad at them. You might risk losing their friendship. They might risk losing yours. But you still have to do it. Sounds alot like #6 doesn’t it?

10. Tick tock.

Time is the most precious resource all of us have. It can never be saved – only spent. When someone spends it on you, they are giving you something they can never get back. Think of how important you must be to them to get something that valuable. So make sure that you honor that gift by making the most of it.


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