What you’re built for

All of life’s infinite possibilities are to be consigned to finite moments.

60 seconds to a minute.

60 minutes to an hour.

24 hours to a day.

Unfortunately, time isn’t something that lends itself to being stored or saved.

Its shelf life is “now”.

It can only be spent.

How you choose to expend it reflects the value you assign to it.

To your abilities.

And to your aspirations at this moment.

The choices you make regarding your time always have an impact on that of others.

These decisions also reflect the importance you assign to their abilities and their aspirations as well.

In short, what you choose to do with a particular moment – how you spend your time – also represents a choice made for others.

After all, we are connected.

That being said:

There can be no half measures, holding  back , or saving just a little bit of yourself from being fully in this moment, like “Next time, I will do better.”

No rationalizing – “the timing was off”; thinking that is only aimed at self-preservation instead of embracing the challenges of the moment.

No “wishing” for success – ”If only this had happened”; a petty distraction that can only put your dreams – and the dreams of others – in a perpetual holding pattern:

No clinging to the folly of “destiny” – “It just wasn’t my turn”;  the seemingly innocuous  fib that lulls you and others into a false sense of security, sleepy complacency and an acceptance of “fate”    

There can be no fooling yourself into thinking that since “It worked last time”  – what you did  before – and how you did it – is going to be enough this time around:

There is no possibility that time is somehow obligated to serve your needs, even if you believe: “I deserve just one more chance.”

Such selfish thoughts, words and deeds can only serve to diminish you – and those around you.

They represent the notion that it is reasonable or acceptable to fit only some of “you”  into this moment.

To squander the present.

To consciously shrink your abilities down to fit the parameters of time.

To knowingly  limit your aspirations.

It can never come to that.

You are not built that way.

Though time itself may be finite, it does possess some elasticity.

If not:

Where will your thoughts embracing the infinite possibilities of this moment go?

Or all the words that will write the stories that become your legacy?

And what of the deeds that will live on to become the example for all those that follow?

For once each of you go “all in”,  – “as one”  – this moment has no choice but to grow:

To accommodate your collective effort

To house your performance of a lifetime

To harbor your grandest dreams.

And if you think about it – this all makes perfect sense.

Because nothing you have done to this point has been small.

No small thoughts.

No little words.

No lesser deeds.

You have purposely made yourself this big.

You have built “this” in a deliberate fashion, precisely to exceed the capacity of this one special moment.

You have intentionally welcomed the hardship, the sacrifice and the discipline needed to choose, forge and follow this path.

No small feat.

You have relentlessly pursued excellence on your terms – not just this season, but over the course of many, many seasons.

In some cases,  even stretching all the way back to grade school.

Not just some random afterthought.

You have raised the level of intensity and performance to not only meet the demands at each and every level – but to surpass all expectations.

You all understand that what you did then will not  suffice now.

I know that you have already set the bar that much higher.

You know – that in less than 24 hours – you will clear it yet again.

Each of you are equipped with diverse and uncommon talents and abilities – all of which are now united in a singular and common cause – As One.

Each of you knows the immense value of this moment.

Each of you recognizes with clarity its rarity.

Each of you appreciates this opportunity of a lifetime.

Each of you made this your choice.

Not just for you alone.

But for everyone connected to you.

You may have already captured this moment within your imagination.

All that is left now is to capture it at Camp Randall tomorrow.

I have no doubt that is just what you will do.

Afterall, it is exactly what you are built for.

I will leave you with a quote of the day, by Henry David Thoreau: 

 “You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” 

Good luck men.

Be good.





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