“Full of awesome”

I was paging through “The Long Red Line” and the Cardinal FB page here and there, the past couple of days.

Part seeing what all was there.

Part getting things in order for ’13.

And part just feeling the pangs of nostalgia for a season that just barely ended.

Seems just so far away already.  😦

I came across this “Quote of the Day” email in the Notes section of our Facebook page. It was dated September 25, 2011.  “Thank you”  Kim Beck for putting this one right where I needed it to be today.

On that particular day, the QOTD had this short, perfectly descriptive phrase in there, up towards the top of the email, somewhere just after the “hope all are well” part.

I recall there were blessings-a-plenty that one weekend.  And the most accurate way to illustrate that Saturday and Sunday was to use an expression that someone out there in Cardinal Nation had coined: that it was “a weekend full of awesome.” *  


For me, this super-sized weekend was just as “full of awesome”:

– The smile on #1’s face when her fiance came through the door.

– The smile on #4’s face when her brothers came home for the holiday weekend.

-The sound our house makes when all four are in bed sleeping.

– Piling into the van to make the Thanksgiving Day rounds. Again.

– Getting to carve the turkey.

– The joy in all the mom’s having all their kids home.

– Giving out daddy size hugs.

– Watching three football games with #1 and #4 today.

– Knowing we will have them all back – as one – in about a month to do it all over again.


Simply “full of awesome.”

*(I sure would like to know who said it -“a weekend full of awesome” –  you need to get an “atta boy/girl” for the ideal description of that early fall weekend – and so many other times in our lives. You might want to take a page out of Coach Reilly’s play book and put a trademark on that one – as long as I can put to use once in a while.)


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