The “you” you choose to see

“You cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”

― Zig Ziglar

During the season, at the conclusion of each Thursday practice, the Highlanders would conduct one last drill as a team.

Each player would lay in the north end zone, close their eyes, and visualize their individual performance in that week’s game.  They pictured everything about that day; the game as it unfolded, their role in it, how they “saw” themselves perform.

Even the outcome was pictured.

This was intentional. An exercise that was meant to  create “deja vu”.  Placing oneself vividly within the event before the game was played. Envisioning your future performance establishes an indelible image; a benchmark of sorts.

Creating that pre-event expectation level helps you to stay “on script”. The reality of your effort and execution will rise to the level of the vision.

What you pictured for yourself – affirms “you”.

This is but one perspective of this affirmation process. “How you see yourself” extends to all aspects of your life.

How do you “see” yourself in school?

As a scholar, are you someone who is genuinely interested in the pursuit of learning ? Someone that is fully engaged in the moment?  Contributing to discussions, offering ideas or insights? A student that wants “extra credit” opportunities? Or, are you simply marking time until you can check your FB status, send a text; someone who is simply passing through?

How do you see yourself with your friends?

Do you see your self as doing the right thing, making good choices and helping them to do the same?  Are you willing to be a leader when a tough decision needs to be made?  Can you stand down a bully?  Will you be an advocate for truth? Or are you just content to be part of the crowd, following their lead, letting them  make questionable, ill-advised, unsafe decisions just to be “popular”?

At home – how do you see yourself?

As a mentor to a younger sibling or someone who has a great deal to learn from an older brother or sister?  Do you “see” yourself as someone your parents can count on to do your best, pitch in and become  independent? Are you willing to do what it takes to earn privileges?   Or, do you “see” yourself as someone who only “wants”. Constantly needs to be reminded of simple responsibilities – or -becomes scarce when chores beckon?

You are the person you choose to “see”.

You control the clarity and the image.

You affirm what it is about you that makes “you”.

Your choice.


Who is it that you want to “see”?


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