Getting from here to there

How does one get from here to there?

From the type of person you are now to who you want to become?  From a C student to an A student?  Third chair at trumpet to first?  Tenderfoot to Eagle?  Scout to first string?  An average team to championship caliber?

Thinking you want to do or be something is the all important first step. Many start – and unfortunately – stop right there.

Seems a thought or a  dream is nice to think about, all snug and comfy  tucked away in your noggin.  Kept hidden, only you know about it, and if others don’t know about it, you can’t be held accountable for some silly idea, thought or dream.  Besides, someone might make fun of you.  And you can should never think like that. You can never possibly get there.  Not in a million years.  Right?

Putting words to an idea, thought or dream and sharing it with someone else makes it three-dimensional and breathes some life into it.  You can be sure, that some will still laugh at you – those that can only think of reasons not to do things.  Some will be polite about it, not wanting to offend you.  A few might like it and offer their input.  Even fewer still might say – ‘you know, I can see you doing that”.

Seems like some adversity here – just for thinking out loud. As always, how you respond is the key.

Automatically accepting the response from those who can only find reasons not to attempt anything as gospel is a sorry way to live. You might as well have them pick out your clothes in the morning too.  So often, you elect to recant your thought right then and there.  This can lead to putting yourself down for thinking like that.

Don’t shame yourself for thinking big and sharing it. They probably laughed because your ambition made them nervous. They couldn’t handle seeing you do it because they don’t see it in themselves.

There can be  all sorts of drama  created from within when you get a tepid, neutral response. Those that were polite about what you shared just “must have known that it was a stupid idea and  did not want to say anything.”

“How could I be so stupid to say that to them?’, you think to yourself. You might never even consider that they, themselves,  wish that they could think like that – and would do anything to have your courage.

Those that offer input might become your closest ally in your venture, provided it remains what you want to achieve – and not what they wish for themselves, through you. Accepting advice, wisdom and criticism are important life lessons.  You need to be coach-able and yet stick to your guns, and do what is best for you.

Those that “can see you doing that” might be the ones that will help you to take the next step, and turn your thoughts and words into reality.

You had better roll up your sleeves at this point.  You thought hatching the idea and sprinkling some words around it was enough and tough – but just wait.  You need to commit yourself to making good on your thoughts.  You need to dedicate yourself to turning your words into deeds.  You need to recognize that it could be weeks, months or years before what you “see yourself” doing happens.

But you can do it.

You can get from here to there.


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