And isn’t that what it is really all about?

Many times you have heard me utter these words:

” Watch out for one another”.

It is not  an admonition to baby sit, hover or tattle.

A meaningless throw away phrase.

It is meant to be  a command.

To engage, become connected and be invested as a young adult.  An individual that is genuinely concerned about the well-being of another.

Acting with full intention.

Heeding your true  call to action.

All part of your responsibility of being a teammate, a friend, acquaintance or sibling.

Being there for each other – but not just in  a geographic sense.

But to support and be supported.

To listen and be heard.

To love others enough to correct and prevent.

And then,  allow them to love you right back, accepting their call to  you, to correct and prevent.

In short, to  “watch out for one another” is to influence.

And, by extension, lead.

Being there – engaged, connected and invested  –  can be a tall order. That, I know for a fact. But the things most worthy in life are always found in the big and tall section.

And to make all this work you must first and foremost be there for you; in charge of yourself.

Leading first from within.

Choosing the path where you are responsible for your own thoughts, the words they formulate  and deeds they both will generate.

If you thought being there for another was a tough assignment, getting to this point first will be tough x 10.

You can count on situations that will test your limits.  And how you respond when you are pushed to this extent – regardless of the  circumstance – always comes down to choice.


And being that you are first and only one to lead yourself, you alone must own it.

Governed to a large extent by your attitude, you control  how you choose to see the world, events and circumstances around you.You choose to see those circumstances as problems – or – as opportunities.

For that attitude – what you both bear and bare – is in the end,  the attitude you will always share.

Through choices that will identify the command you have over yourself.

Emblazoned as your personal, registered, trademark.

Sound choices will affirm that you understand the power you possess.

Your personal influence; the will you exert over yourself – to be in charge of you.

Empowering you to be in the right position to do the right thing for you first.

Not in a selfish manner, but  more so in a character manner.

Ultimately, helping you to do what’s right  for those connected to you.

You can then watch out for them since you have connected to yourself in that same fundamental sense

Engaged with a genuine concern to do what is right for you – and – for them.

Their well-being an extension of the way you seek to treat yourself.

Leading first from within.

And then, from without.

And isn’t that what it is really all about?

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