That truly exquisite energy

When you are first starting out as a family, and the children start to come – one after another after another –  there is this extraordinary life force that begins to permeate the home.

With an exquisite energy.

It manifests itself in as many ways that those energetic rug rats can offer:

Like the stampede on the top floor.

You know, the one that can heard clear as a bell all the way from the basement.

Then the  crash.

Followed by a deafening silence.

A hushed, “Oh, oh”.

And then – abundant giggles.

The utterly pointless and painfully endless arguments.

Singing in the bath tub.

Revelations around the dinner table.

And my favorite; that unmistakable sound of slumber.

Simply put, the din of our kids just being kids.

Unfortunately, young moms and dads may be so focused on restoring/maintaining/creating order  that they fail to appreciate the absolute splendor of these moments.

And boy, one thing is for sure.

They are fleeting.

But for all of you older, seasoned  folks like me – with kids in various stages of flight to and from the nest – you need not worry.

Because I know for a fact,  that same exquisite energy abounds.


Like when all four of mine are back home.

We are long overdue for the stampede at any moment.

Probably for dibs on the bathroom.

When crashes do occur, they are now usually followed by at least one swear word – or some combination thereof.

The arguments?

Without a doubt, they are just as pointless.

And somehow, they all bear a striking resemblance of those that happened over a decade ago.  A continuation of the ones they first had in kindygarten.

Rest assured, there is no more singing or anything  done together in the bath tub.

Thank God.

And now,  they might think that their “din” is much more learned, worldly and sophisticated than it was years ago.

But mom and pop  see right through that.

They might be bigger, heavier and harrier.

But in the end – they are still kids.

And the best part?

That  one thing that is to this day is my most cherished blessing.

The unmistakable sound of all of them tucked away.

In bed.


That truly exquisite energy.


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