The road less traveled*

Despite our better intentions and our best efforts, there are times when circumstance intrudes and attempts to govern the events in our lives.  By definition, circumstance suggests randomness or happenstance.  However, there is really nothing random about it.  Everything happens for a reason. Even circumstance has a purpose.

Circumstance exists as a test – a trial to determine just how you will respond to an unexpected event.  Will you shrink from the challenge and allow these events shape you?  Or, will you have the courage and determination to take advantage of the situation and shape yourself in response to it?  Do you have what it takes to create the opportunity for success despite the unforeseen – the circumstance?

Therein lies the “silver lining” inherent in all circumstance.

The opportunity that no one expects; the road less traveled.

Each one of us has the ability to forge ourselves into the temper that will enable us to surmount any challenge we face.  As you can well imagine, the forging process is dirty, sweaty, painstaking work. It has the capacity to drain you physically, sap your mental acuity and break your spirit.

But with courage, you can discover hidden reservoirs of strength and continue to push forward.  Determination and commitment will help you to weather the elements and steel your gaze to the horizon.  And ultimately, it is the bond between us that can rekindle the spirit and fire the imagination.  You can harness the unforeseen and shape it – by what you make of yourself right now.

Circumstance has chosen your road.

Each step along the way will be leading you to another level of challenge, discovery and an entirely new set of circumstances.  With every step you take, you will be getting closer to becoming what you were always intended to be – both as an individual and as a team.

You are on a road less traveled.

But, is a road that can take you exactly where you always wanted to go.

*Another one I came across culling out the files, circa 2009.





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