Your choice moments

Technically speaking, a watershed is a “ridge of high land dividing two areas that are drained by different river systems. ” In common usage, it became “a critical point that marks a division or a change of course; a turning point”.

Thus; a watershed moment.

Once upon a time, a woodshed was a structure used for storage. Essentially, somewhere to put the wood.  Then, it came to be known as a different type of storage venue.

“Going to the woodshed” became known more as a disciplinary destination. The shed where the wood was put to you.

A true character building.

Whether water or wood, both of these “shed” moments represent turning points.  A change in course and direction in response to circumstances owned by you.

The opportunity to re-center yourself.

Embark on an honest reassessment.

And  face some essential truths.

While some personal “Waterloo” may lead you to the woodshed and some much-needed character infusion, it isn’t necessarily a calamity  that will ultimately force the issue.

Nor is it the “perfect storm”.

The convergence of random forces accumulating to suddenly overwhelm you in an “unforeseen” crisis that grows to command your attention and demand immediate action.

In reality, the shortest route to either shed – water or wood – is more direct.

Marked by the residue of choices.

Made in your choice moments.

Like decisions made to think, speak and act in intemperate fashion.

Saying you will listen, but electing not to hear.

Following the herd versus charting your own course.

Being something you aren’t  versus becoming what you were always intended to be.

Shrinking when you must “play big.”

While these choice moments might be more indicative of a need to reverse course – you still own them.  To change your tack and go at things in a different way – your decision.  To find the discipline, regardless of the source, to effect the change you seek – your choice.

All are instants geared towards moving you towards an outcome. and a place where you wanted to go.

You see, you do get the outcomes that you choose – even if they are not the ones that you desire.

The choices you make, those you ignore and the ones you avoid always circle back.  They always point back to something essential; already within you.  Something you always wanted to begin with.

At some level, wood, water or not, it might have been what you really wanted all along.

When all is said and done, your choices can never disguise one fundamental element of truth.

You chose.

Your choice moment.


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