“No matter what…”

“No matter what, this will be my final game tomorrow in the Fargo Dome…four years have passed by so fast…”

Bobby Ollman posted this on his FB wall a few weeks ago, shortly before NDSU faced Georgia Southern in the NCAA FCS semifinal game. The Bison emerged victorious that day, and will return to defend the National Championship today against Sam Houston State.

Last night, he said:

“My senior year ends tomorrow in the National Championship game against Sam Houston State at 12 on ESPN2…It’s been a fast 4 years. Lets end it with a bang! Herd up Bison Nation!!!!”

Two things about his posts stood out.

First – “fast”.

It may not seem like it, but life does move fast.  Spending it anywhere other than where you “are” can only lead to regret.  If you aren’t “right here”, there is a distinct possibility that you will miss it.

Second – three words.

“No matter what…”

Perhaps it was the tinge of sadness in his reflection.  Not to suggest that it was simply thrown in there for good measure or effect.  But rather, in recognition of and respect for the temporary nature of that moment.

Of every moment.

It was a statement that seemed to reflect the perceptions of someone who is firmly rooted in “now”.

The present.

“No matter what…”

Bobby can “see” and appreciate exactly where he is.  He knows where he has been, but isn’t by any means looking back.  #10 knows precisely where he is going, but he is not looking beyond or past.

Despite that “this” will be the last one – ever – Bobby remains positive.  He recognizes where his choices have taken him. He has an appreciation of what he has had the opportunity to do so far in his young life. Bobby grasps the mass and magnitude of his blessings.

This morning, Bobby will be looking forward to what that next moment could be. What it can and will become. What it will mean once all is said and done.

Knowing that all will be contingent on how he chooses to shape it.

Right now.

“No matter what”.

Considering the finite nature of the time we are allotted, there will always be a certain measure of finality that accompanies the closing of a particular chapter in one’s life.  From that, there can be no escape.

“No matter what…”

Yet, you are the author of each page that will become these chapters.

Should  you choose to write them well, your life story just might exceed the limits of one book.  You might need sequels, second editions, even add a volume or two or three.  In the end, if you choose to fill each page to capacity, your life can become an entire  library of wonderful stories.

Stories you will always have.

Stories you can share.

Stories that will teach others how to pen their very own master piece.

So write well today Bobby.

We cannot wait to see how it ends.

“No matter what.”


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