“Our doubts are traitors…

And,  Mr. Shakespeare goes on to say “…and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

His words create a vivid image of an inner conflict I am sure is common to all of us.  The hand to hand combat that can rage from within when what you aspire to become does battle with your immediate reality.  When your wildest dreams are overrun  by a wave of “common sense”.   When the little voice that whispers “Yes.  You can.”, gets shouted down by, “What in the world were you thinking?”.

Doubts are traitors.

They cajole you into believing your best interests lay in accepting the security of the present instead of embracing the possibility of what can follow.  They twist events and circumstances so that you can only see one side of things.  They present a convenient perspective where consequences seem more evident and abundant than the steadfast partner – opportunity – that always resides just on the other side of adversity.  Doubts are like the comforting arm around your shoulder you get when you failed – before you even try.

Doubts are like that.

They limit your trajectory by reducing your visibility.  By dimming the light of your vision, they promote a creeping fear of failure that replaces the faith you should always have  in your faculties.

Doubts are nothing more than simple distractions.

They really do not know you.

They are crude inventions designed to get you off the hook.  In certain situations, they can morph into Rube Goldberg contraptions, engineered to provide a range of excuses that can offer you the rationale for changing your mind, but not necessarily be indicative of a change in what you know in your heart.  Doubts are known to impart an impressive degree of flexibility to you as well, largely in the form of regret. How else would you be able to kick yourself later for not making the most of what you can now?

Doubts are shadowy entities.

They cannot exist when exposed to the brilliance of your collective vision:

“who” you see yourself being

“what” you see yourself becoming

“where” you see yourself going.

When you envision these intentions, they can illuminate a wide area of your life. In fact, the light you generate spills over into other’s lives as well, becoming  a force multiplier. Once out of the shadows, their doubts are also seen for what they really are.  In the glow of your light, they can find their way to shine too.

Doubts cannot compete with your imagination.

When you set an image of yourself – what you imagine yourself someday becoming – you are actually creating a template for living it right now.  It is never enough to simply picture it, to slip back into the confines of your comfy chair, close your eyes and pretend.

To wish things true.

You must actively live towards that image.  Deciding to make it transform from being something not currently present to the senses to a reality that can be affirmed by all five senses.  You must pursue that image – your vision –  with full intention, utter specificity and a singular focus. To become as one with that image

No matter what.

The inertia of doubt is overcome by faith.

Have you ever just “known it”?

That solid feeling deep down inside.

That “it” –  is?

If you can muster the strength to allow that sensation to take hold when you “know” it , have faith that it is right and true, then, you can just “do”.

You can just “be”.

It can become a foundation for a lifetime. Your thoughts, words and deeds merge together, in three-part harmony with what you imagine yourself becoming.

This generates  a palpable sensation of momentum, strength and confidence. It becomes a collaborative effort, working in concert to affirm the image you set.  The vision created by your imagination.  The template of how you will conduct yourself and pattern your life.

Be true to it,  your vision, as if you have already made it. As if you already know the dream born between your ears and planted in your heart has been achieved, even though  the rest of you may yet lag far behind.

A firm and resilient loyalty to what you can “see”, will never abide the treason of doubt.


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