The content of your character

Once in a while, a guest writer makes an appearance here on the LRL.

Jake Westreich delivered this to his fellow students at Lake Shore Middle School earlier this week, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King and the day we observe to remember his life.

It was appropriate for a young man like Jake to share his thoughts about Dr. King.

For Dr. King espoused the value of character.  And Jake, well, he just plain embodies it.

“Hello Lake Shore.

I’m Jake Westreich.

I’m here to talk about how Martin Luther King Junior changed our world and how he made values that have changed our behavior towards others for the better.

He taught us to encourage others to succeed, enjoy our diversity whilst being united as one family in the school, the city, and our nation. MLK also taught us to follow our dreams because if you put your mind to something, you can achieve the impossible. You should be optimistic that you can achieve these dreams. This is because if you don’t think that you can do something, then you have already given up. These are some of the main values taught to us by MLK.

These values can be noticed in our classrooms. We all should show our unity towards our classmates, do our best to get good grades and make new friends, overcome obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals, and reaching those goals and becoming great. If we are to follow Martin Luther King Junior’s example of unity, we should stay loyal to our friends while also making better connections with our other classmates. To do this, we could stay truthful to our friends and also try new activities to earn some new friends. Next off, we should all study and use our best test taking skills so that we can get good grades. We could do this by both paying attention in class and making sure that you leave time for studying.

Another one of MLK’s values that we should try to emulate is his ability to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of our goals. A great way to do this is to try to improve on your grade or playing a sport to better learn how to overcome obstacles. Finally, we should set goals to achieve in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

I have learned some of MLK’s values and use them to help make both other people and myself fulfilled by using these traits.
A great example of this would be the sport of football.  With many of the students at Lake Shore being football players, and as a player myself, I know a lot about how these values apply to football. Unity is vital both in the classroom and on the football field because in football you must work as a unit to win the game and succeed. In the classroom while doing group projects, you have to work with your group and communicate if you want to do well.

The rest of these values connect to both the classroom and the gridiron, but none more than setting goals. MLK’s goal was racial equality and he achieved this by never giving up and also having unity with the rest of America and the world.

In the classroom, we learn to do your best on every assignment. Lastly, in football, a good goal is to never give up and give your teammates 100%, much like MLK’s goals.”

Great job Jake.  Thanks for contributing to the cause.


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