A parent’s lessons

Some of our most profound lessons are given without our knowledge. They can go undetected for virtually a lifetime.  True blessings.

Gifts of love that were simply given, without fanfare, explanation or condition.


Just because.

More often than not, our lingering doubts and old wounds are the products of  clouded judgement and a convoluted reality.

Creations of a self-centered perspective.  Things remembered “one way” back then, may not have been in fact – “that way”.  Essentially, a reflection of a lack of understanding than an actual injury.

An inability to handle the truth.

But it can be difficult to confess “I was wrong”.

Even more so to seek forgiveness.

When one, the other or both doesn’t happen, it can become a quest for recompense. A desire to be made whole for something that was never really taken away.  To be compensated because it was construed that something had been withheld or omitted.  Even though it never, ever was.

Only when it shows up as a dividend on life’s ledger – years or even decades later – do you recognize the source of the original investment.

Only then, do you realize just how rich you are.

Given entirely from love, these lessons cast an indelible and lasting  impression.

Literally becoming “as one” with the “student”.

So much so, that what was once taught years ago can now be repeated by rote, without hesitation, almost by second nature – today.

Teaching that was done on an entirely different level.


Out of the blue, some dots that had been laid out a very long time ago might finally be connected.

Over, and over and over again.

Many of those  lingering doubts – instantly resolved.

Old wounds – miraculously healed.

Confirmation of how much we are really loved – and – will always be.

A parent’s lessons.

Their blessing to us.

Now, ours to give.

And, teach.

One in the same.

“Thanks mom and dad”.



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