“So and so”, “what’s-er-name” and “that guy”….

Almost daily, something will pop up here on The LRL about some amazing accomplishment by one or more of our kids.

“So and so ran this race”.

“What’s-er-name hit that hit”.

“That guy shot this shot.”

“This team won”

These posts are meant to recognize achievement and accomplishment. To appreciate the attainment of excellence, if for only one small moment in time. To afford each individual or team with the opportunity to know that we are proud of their commitment and we value their efforts.

They are intended to affirm that they are everything that our community always wanted them to become. .

Yet despite our better intentions, rarely do you see or hear a headline about the time, the effort, the investment and the commitment that it took each one of them just to get the opportunity to be present in that moment.

Not to win, to place or show.

Just to get there.

Even rarer are the stories – or the recognition – for those that are still at it.

Toiling away at their dreams. Not quite there. Working hard. Just beginning to bloom.

The ones on the diamonds, courts, tracks, mats and fields. Those in music lessons, classrooms, studios, Scouting, libraries and pools. Those at churches, community and crisis centers. Those that tutor, teach mentor and coach.

We are literally surrounded by them.

The ones out there just like “so and so”, “what’s-er-name” and “that guy”. The group that makes up “this team”. Each one, in their own way, taking the time and expending the effort. All making the same intensely personal investment and commitment needed to achieve, accomplish and excel. .

Every single one – doing their absolute best to bring out the best that is within them.

The only difference being: they aren’t quite there yet.

So to every single one of you out there that fits this description:

“So and so”.


“That guy”

“This team”

I wanted to tell you: “Great job! ”.

We are proud of your achievements; you are building a foundation for excellence.

We value your personal investment and committed effort; you are becoming what you will someday will be.

We know you will get there – so keep at it.

You are truly everything we always saw in you.


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