The spark



There can be those stretches in time when things become fuzzy.

You feel inundated and overwhelmed.



This constant din that seems to permanently reside both in and between your ears.

No longer do the days just seem to blur together. It is now the hours as well.

You just plain get worn down.

And even worse.

You begin to sense that “the fire” is starting to go out.

The spark is gone.

But then, something really amazing happens.

Right there.  In plain sight.  You stumble upon it.

An oasis.

A respite.

A rescue.

A charging station for the depleted.

A place you can’t wait to get to – and – never want to leave.

A team.

Now there is one thing I know that is for certain.

That even though you might happen to wear the whistle, you may not always be the only one teaching the lessons.

And if you truly practice what you preach, you will understand that as a coach, you too need to be coach-able.   To be willing to see, hear and accept the lessons that just might be coming back your way.

Because you can never really know when and where “the coaching”  is going to come from.

But if you open your heart and mind to it, one more thing is for sure.

Someone will always be there to help “coach you up.”

And is that is precisely what all of you were to me this summer.

My coaches.

“Thank you” for coaching this old coach back up.

You inspired me.

And because of you, I found it,

The spark.




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