The Core

During the summer of 2011,  the  The Core Corps was unveiled. Initially, it was intended to provide a demanding regimen of exercises, targeting one’s core.

So there is that “core”, the physical power plant that resides within the center of your body.

Without a doubt, core strength is a fundamental component in creating the opportunities for success as a student-athlete. Your core is the primary  source of strength and stability for everything you choose to accomplish regardless of the field of play.

But there is far  more to your “core” than just a regimen of push ups, planks and Superman.

The“core” is also an essential element in the emotional bond you create with one another as teammates, friends, family, the community and the world at large.  It is this connection – the commitment you make to a something, someone or a cause bigger than your self – that helps to reinforce an attitude  of selflessness.

It is this partnership with develop with one another that enables you to set aside what you personally want or need for what the team or others  really needs.  The strength of this “core” is such that it is able to overcome fear; the sense of personal vulnerability that comes with “giving it up” for others.

And then there is what resides in your “core”.  The person you are, as well as, the person you are meant to become.

Any individual that is challenged to square up, commit to making the effort and strengthen their “center”, will inevitably focus inward during that process. It is through this self-reflection that you come to “see” what you are made of.

This aspect of the core – the center of your being –  directs your thoughts, chooses your words and guides your deeds.  It can become your trusted commander, a mirror image of your character, leading you to achievement, excellence and the fulfillment of purpose.

To be the intended, absolute best versions of ourselves, all three of these aspects of “core” strength are needed in equal measure.

Working together in unison and in balance – heart, mind and body – we can become centered; the ideal position to play the game of life.

So, to get “there”, to where we are all meant to go, we will need to work on this year round.  .To develop hearts, minds and bodies, takes time, effort and commitment.

The Core Corps: heart, mind and body.

If you are up for it, and are willing to make the commitment, we can empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves.


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