“Ch”: it’s “who” you are.

Character is the quintessential definition of you.

In essence, it is the combination of traits, abilities and standards for which you are known; “who”you are. It is also how you are recognized; the “who” you are known to be. If you so choose, your character will reflect exactly the kind of person you were always intended to be; the very best version of you.

Character isn’t simply a collection of compelling words that seem to work well together in a quote. It isn’t subjective, theoretical or some abstract cloud of vapor.

Your character does have substance. It has its own distinctive shape. The “who” that you are, as well as the “who” you are known to be, have a definite mass and a specific gravity to them.

If “Character” were to be added to the Periodic Table, it could be placed near Platinum and Gold, perhaps listed as “Ch”.  And while it is widely recognized as a purely organic element – perhaps even a noble metal – character has been known to add stature, increase one’s strength and bring clarity to vision.

And just like you, your character is very much a living, breathing and growing entity.

If you don’t exercise great care in handling it, your character could get bruised or even mortally wounded. Depending on the severity of the injury,forgiveness, trust and faith are the only known remedies. The time it takes to completely heal it can be quite long.

As the essential element of “who” you are, your character will grow right along with you.

You can count on it to always be there, as your lifelong partner, to accompany you in everything you do and everywhere you go. In addition, your character (“who” you are known to be) often precedes you in your travels. It will likely announce your arrival at all destinations and shall endure long after you are gone.

“Ch”, besides being endowed with its own mass, also furnishes its own power.

There is an abundant supply of positive energy stored within your character. How this energy is used and gets
directed depends on the choices and decisions you make. It is no coincidence that the choices and decisions you make depend on the “who” that you are, and “who” you are known to be.

Character drives everything.


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