“Ch”: the irresistible force behind leadership

There is an amazing energy generated by “Ch”. This source is in turn tapped by your choices.  What happens next is incredibly transformative.

On the one hand, “Ch” is a catalyst, helping you to unleash your potential.  On the other, it creates an internal pathway, leading you ever closer to the best version of you. “Ch” will  shepherd you towards many opportunities for growth.

And one such opportunity stands out among all the rest.

That of leadership.

Every choice, every decision you make is an opportunity to affirm the strength of your character. If you stay true to your self, and your choices parallel your character, you will reveal
the fundamental truths about “you”.  Your thoughts, your words and your deeds will then reflect your best nature.

However, if you allow your decisions to run counter to “who” you really are and “who” you are known to be, you can expect quite a bit of friction, chafing and tribulation. When you act out of character, there will be a great deal of discomfort, both internally and externally.

Once the mass of your character, “who you are”, begins to work in concert with that positive energy released when making the right choices, the leader within you begins to emerge.

There is an innate capacity for leadership in us all. However, it won’t just show up – nothing just happens.

You need to happen to it.

As your character begins to flow out through you and your choices, a spark is created.  That of your leadership.

It is a genuine extension of “who you are”.  An unmistakable and lasting image of the very best part of you.

Upon its release, the influence of your leadership generates another form of energy.  A form of spontaneous combustion.  Catching fire.  Your flame kindles others.  Bearing witness to you ablaze inspires others to aspire to catch fire too.

It is the fire of your leadership that can help create for them the opportunities to reveal their “Ch”.  To employ its energy themselves and learn to heed its call to make the right choices and solid decisions in their life.

Your leadership can contribute to the pursuit of achievement and excellence for all. A chain reaction created by your character, exerted through your choices and acts of leadership, will begin to gather momentum.  Your acts of leadership begets leadership within those around you.

As the leader within you fully emerges, the power of your character becomes an irresistible force, spreading ever outward, casting an indelible impression on all.




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