The Four A’s

To reach for the stars, you will need something to stand

Considering that this is a considerable distance and that you might have to get on your tippy toes at some point to finally touch one, you will definitely need to have some solid footing under you as you extend your reach upward and outward.

You will need to stand upon an edifice of sorts.  Something that has been  built to withstand the test of time. A quest of this nature will require preparation, balance, strength and perspective.

Ultimately, the foundation for a venture of this
magnitude needs to be set firmly within you; optimally
deep within the bedrock of your character. Only then will it be able to provide a lifetime of support. Only then will it be able to get you to where you have always dreamed of going.

One could argue that we have all been bestowed with a
set of fundamental capabilities. From there, depending
on the choices you make through out your life, you can
build upon those fundamental gifts.

How you choose to challenge your innate capabilities and what you make of them is what really creates opportunity.
Maximizing this potential can put those stars right
within your reach.

For the sake of argument, let’s consider these gifts, this basic set of capabilities, your four aptitudes: academics, arts, agape and athletics.

For short, let’s simply call them the “the Four – A’s.”


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