The Four A’s: The arts

Through the arts, you have an abundance of opportunity to establish an important  connection to the world around you from an emotion centered perspective.

Whether you perform, create or learn to simply appreciate
the effort, ability and beauty of someone’s artistic vision, your active participation centered on this type of expression
compliments your intellectual pursuit of fact and

It is an important part of connecting the internal dots, linking all that you are to all that you can be together.  Some call it the  rounding process.

Expressing yourself through music, art, performance or appreciation brings balance to your “self ”. Allowing this key aptitude within yourself to develop puts some magic into your life that only the arts can provide.

And believe me, it truly is magic.


To be able learn to remove the barricades we erect to funnel the arts into one section of our brain and body rather than letting them simply wash over us and sweep us out into it.

To allow a piece of music you play or hear – to “get you”.

To write or read something that does exactly the same thing – “just because.”

To become a part of the play – whether you are in it, or sitting in row 15, seat K.

To bring  life to a piece of canvas or paper with paint or pencil – or be able to see someone’s creation breathe within it.

This side of you already exists.  You just need to allow it to flow, sow and grow.

It is always important to know “how?” and “why?”.

But sometimes, many times “just because” makes it all worthwhile.

The icing on the cake.


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