“Ch” and adversity

Character and adversity exist together in a somewhat symbiotic relationship.  Character is the yin to adversity’s yang.  The former relies on the latter for its opportunity to be revealed.

And though your intentions as a leader maybe honorable and your integrity unquestioned, the strength of your character and your leadership abilities may not be enough to avoid the strife or conflict that comes with certain aspects of this brand of personal growth.

Adversity,  in one of its many forms is sure to arise and exert its own brand of influence on you.  if there is one thing that is certain, it is adversity will compel you to action.

Adversity’s role in shaping you throughout this process is akin to that of a catalyst. By providing you with a multitude of leadership opportunities – not “if” but “when” –  adversity will prompt you to make a choice.

This is the first part of its lesson: to take action.

However, adversity’s lesson plan does not  end there.  It will also prompt you to make the right choice. In making these decisions, you are declaring to the world exactly the “Who” that you are. You are proving without a doubt, the “who” you are known to be.

As a barometer of life, adversity will deliver a very precise and honest reading on the depth of your character. It will also measure the direct and indirect effect of the choices and decisions you make as a leader.

How you choose to respond to any challenge – whether it is the pressures of everyday circumstances or one of life altering magnitude – will always be the final arbiter when it comes to
defining both your character and your leadership.

Adversity has a definite purpose: it serves as a life long
series of tests.

Adversity is an opportunity for a “gut check”; to see if you have what it takes.

Ultimately, adversity’s true value is that it will reveal “who” you are and “who” you are known to be at those crucial, defining moments.

You can either choose to define your self, or allow your self to be
defined; a choice either way.

You can decide to stand firm in affirmation of the best version of you. You can choose to ally yourself with your character, be a leader and help others to do the same. How you choose to respond is always a revelation that can bring your true nature to the surface and your identity into sharper focus.

There is no more reliable measure of your character or

It is “who” you are.


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