Peer Pressure


by: SHAWN BROWN – HHS 2010

What is peer pressure?  Peer pressure is when you are
influenced by the people around you. These people can be
friends, bullies or even your brothers and sisters.

There is good pressure, like when you compete with your best friend to get a better math grade and there is bad peer pressure, like
when your friends make you do something you do not want

In fact, most of the time you hear “peer pressure” it is the bad type that people are talking about. When you see people around you doing something, normally you want to try it too.

But just because other people are doing it, does not mean it is
right. The only person who should decide what is right for
you is yourself.

If you ever feel uncomfortable doing something or you think you shouldn’t, THEN DON’T. If your friends ask you to do something and you do not want to, just  say no.

You should be able to be honest with your friends.

You can tell them something like, “I’m not ready to do that.”
But if your friends begin to make fun of you, or keep asking
you to do something you do not want to do, then it is time to
get some new friends. After all, real friends wouldn’t ask
someone to do that. The best thing you could do when you
feel peer pressure is to ask why they would do it.

A real friend would side with you.

Making the right decisions can be hard sometimes
but it really helps to have a good friend. Real friends may be
hard to find but they are the people you can turn to when you
are getting peer pressured.

For me, finding friends has always been easy. That is because I know where to look. I know that the guys I play football with are not only good players but they are great friends. That is why football is so special.

It is not about the score, how good you are, or how many games
you win. Football is about the bonds that you make with your
friends on the team. I know if I am ever in trouble I can count
on any one of the guys that share the locker room with to help

My best friends are the ones that I play football with. Not
only have I shared the football field and the locker room with
them but they are the same guys I choose to eat lunch with
everyday. They are the same guys I hang out with on the
weekends, and most importantly they are the same guys I will
always remember as my best friends. They have always
supported me and I am thankful to have them.

You will not find better friends than the ones you make in football and with them you will make the right decisions in life.

When Shawn Brown wrote this, he was a senior at HHS, was a standout for the Highlanders and played Cardinal Football.


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