The Four A’s: the trinity of assistance, advancement and agape

Each of you have been granted with a unique array of aptitudes.

Nothing about them is random.  Each has its function, meaning and a purpose.

Each are bonded specifically to you.

You have both a capacity and the capacity to employ them to their fullest.  To become what you were intended; something extraordinary.  Not solely for your benefit.  But rather, to create the opportunities that will benefit and enrich the lives of others.

One core “A” central to this is actually three. A trinity of deeds chartered with the purpose of growing you towards a life of servant leadership.

Governed by thought, the nature of your choices and how you “see” yourself in the world, this is an aptitude that actually grows.

It is first born by simply providing assistance to others.  In time, it grows to become a desire to advance their cause.  Ultimately, it blossoms into agape; a selfless and loving commitment to the well-being of others.

True servant leadership.

So however you choose to give of your time, talents or treasures, it is important to discover this “A”.

This  part of your core.

To find a way to use what you have been granted for the benefit of others.

To make the choices that allow the very best version of you to become that small but essential part of a much bigger picture.

To put someone’s needs ahead of your own.

To make them the center of your universe.


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