The Four A’s: building them into your team

If you consider the merits of each of these four aptitudes alone – academics, the art, agape and athletics – they might constitute an immediately recognizable or dominant aspect of your personal nature.

A musical talent my stand out above the others. Perhaps you have the distinction of being the fastest on the track or the brightest in the classroom when it comes to math. Of course, this stands to reason.  A strength that can be most readily accessed and used will always provide for some measure of success.

Low hanging fruit may well be the easiest to grasp.  But an orchard is ripe with opportunity.

Following a path of least resistance may well reduce the risk of failure, should  get you where you want to go and enhance your chances of some success.

However, staying within your confines and never treading too far off the beaten path will ultimately prevent you from reaping the benefits that come with making the journey an adventure.

Though a single aptitude may seem more prominent than another, they were never really intended to lead a solitary existence, operating independently of each other.

Instead, they are meant to work together, “as one,” in a complimentary and interconnected fashion.

They are ideally suited to work in concert, transforming each aspect of you into a far greater and lasting whole.

Your “whole self”.

True, each aptitude may embrace a different aspect of you as a person. Maybe you are known more for your servant leadership than for your song. However, you are much more than that. You
are meant to be extraordinary in total.

Since I have this thing about football, let me put it to you this way:  .

If you want to become a better football player, you would not  just focus on doing push ups while neglecting planks, agility drills  and building your stamina – right?

You would not avoid the needs of the team and fail to make a mental and emotional commitment to the needs of the group –  would you?

Plays will need to be learned too – right?


Push ups might make you quite effective at moving opponents around.  But only if they came at you from one specific direction and you did not have to move around and chase them.

With no connection to your teammates, you might not feel a need to push an opponent harder when needed.  Not knowing your
plays, you may not push in the right direction.

Choosing to focus your efforts on one area of your football aptitude, you minimize your opportunities for success.

You basically consent to shrink yourself.

And if you shrink you can only play small.

You will never realize your full potential.

Never fully be your “whole-self”.

Each one of your aptitudes is meant to test your mettle in a different manner. Each providing a distinct opportunity to bring a different aspect of “you” to the surface, into being and into prominence.

Bringing balance to who you are by fully developing your Four A’s sets that foundation for success deep.  With a foundation set firmly into the bedrock of your “whole self”, you will be able to withstand a flood of disappointment, the tremors wrought by adversity and the gales of change.

Only a foundation built as such allows you to build upward and outward.  It will support you for a lifetime  of pushing beyond your limitations and reaching for the stars.

To become the best version of you – your “whole self” – and shine in the extraordinary fashion you were intended, you will have to commit to work at developing your Four A’s.

To building them into your team.

Converting potential into strength.

And strength into mastery.



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