2014 Highlander Award – Michael Schulz

Tonight, we are honoring a young man who represents the type of mettle the Highlanders treasure, the character the Highlander Award is intended to recognize and the leadership Homestead values.

Without  a doubt, hockey is a very important part of this young man’s life.

But then again, this young man is much more than just a hockey player.

photo (4)

In no way does that diminish his legacy to the Highlander hockey program.

It’s just that “who” he is and “how” he  is,  so greatly enriches the tradition of the entire Homestead High School community as well.

And though he acquitted himself exceedingly well on the ice, helping to lead his team to an outstanding season, he has proven to be equally well suited to motivate much, much larger teams.

You could even say this young man tends to stand out in a crowd.

The one that can be counted upon to move the masses.

To rally the troops in support of those that need it most.

The one entrusted to be the point for a far more noble cause.

The anchor in what for some will symbolize a relay race for life.

The  Highlander Award is about honoring leadership, academics and character both on and off each athletic venue.

And these attributes are a sure sign that you have been influenced by some extraordinary people in your life.  Your parents, your family, teachers, coaches and friends.

Each, in their own way, have had a big impact on you.

Just as you have cast an impression on all of them.

Your thoughts, words and deeds drew them towards you, shaped your moments together and made for something good and lasting.

And as such, the Highlander Award should also stand as an enduring statement of how you inspired others to aspire.

The reflection of your light in all of them.

And now in all of us.

In recognition of  this young man’s contributions to his team, his school and our community, the Booster Club is proud to present the 2014 Highlander Award to;

Michael Schulz


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