“This kid is a gem”

As was the case with his predecessor, tonight’s recipient also represents the best of the best.

He epitomizes the caliber of the individual the Highlander seeks to distinguish.

It is safe to say that wrestling has been a very important part of this young man’s life.

He has acquitted himself exceptionally well throughout his career and during his senior  season in particular.

A legacy of effort, perseverance, courage and character is his gift to the Highlander wrestling program.  A legacy that will be evident not just next season, but for seasons to come.

Without a doubt, he is an accomplished, top-tier high school wrestler in the state of Wisconsin.

photo (7)

And while that in itself is an extraordinary accolade, he is far more than that.

This kid is a gem.

And being the gem that he is, there is more than just one side to him.

He has many facets.

Each with its own lustre and uncommon brilliance.

Attributes indicative of the impression some extraordinary people have made on him  throughout his life: parents, siblings, family, teachers, coaches and friends.

There is this sense that excellence is this young man’s approach to everything in his life.

Whether it is in the realm of academics, music or athletics, he is a shining example for other student-athletes to emulate.

He is a treasured friend of many, a cherished sibling and son to his family and an esteemed citizen of the Homestead and Mequon-Thiensville community for those very same reasons.

One also gets the impression that this young man has a keen awareness of and a deep appreciation for his influence on those that pass through one of his many orbits.

He deeply cares for those around him.

This alone is quite distinctive.

Perhaps being an old soul is another aspect of this young man.

It is precisely these facets –  “who” he is, “what” he stands for and “how” he is to those around him  that so greatly enriches the entire Homestead High School community in untold ways.

So in recognition of  this young man’s contributions to his team, his school and our community, I am honored to present this plaque on behalf of  the Homestead Sports Boosters.

It will probably look pretty good right next to your brother’s.

Maybe a little higher.

The  2014 Highlander Award winner:

Zach Lennon



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