Take five

  • Do not give up.

Life is full of tests in all shapes, sizes and severity. One day,  it’s an  annoyance .  Another,  a  recurring challenge.   The next, an event bordering on cataclysmic.  “Coincidence” just does not come into play and “things” don’t just happen. All tests have a subtlety to their rhyme and a purpose to their reason.  Regardless of  the nature of their circumstance, its consequence or your level of confidence, promise this one thing: do not give up.  Do not succumb.  Do not lose hope.  Keep the faith.  And if only for one more moment  –  please hold on. “For that is when the tide will turn.”

  • “Self” preservation is existence, but not life

We all possess boundaries and limitations. Self-generated,  intentionally designed thresholds that serve only to maintain comfort, prevent disappointment and provide “self”-preservation.  A purely defensive posture taken to shield against embarrassment.  But in exchange for our “well-being”, we gladly cede instants of opportunity. Willingly relinquish hours, days, even years to our doubts and fears.  Self pity becoming our treadmill of  false humility.  An exercise destined only to  become the string of rationalization that grows into excuses.  Excuses that can only beget regret. Erecting a wall that encircles us with “what might have been”. Never letting us see what we are meant to be.

  • Words are windows, not mirrors.

Regardless of the circumstance or situation, your thoughts, words and deeds are always interconnected.  One arises from the other, from a point of origin within – not without.  Thoughts thunk and the words chosen to express them do not mirror anything, because they are not reflections.  They are windows. Transmitting light whatever your level of incandescence happens to be. Revealing more about how you view yourself than any of your intended targets.  You only need consider their source.  A truer representation of self there never was.  As thoughts emerge as words  and  transition to deeds, you give life to what you think of yourself.  How you relate to others.  How you see yourself in the world.  Never a reflection.

  • You have no weakness, only capacity.

believe it; you are one of a kind.  Made to order. Expertly designed and crafted with a precise function in mind. Do not ever forget that .  But more to the point – don’t ever take it for granted. First, there  is mastery to be achieved by maximizing  your strengths.  They need to be fully employed and enjoyed. If you do not they will wither and waste away. Second, there is nothing weak about you.  You have capacity; attributes that are misunderstood.  Being so,  they are underappreciated, underdeveloped and underutilized.  See them for what they truly are, learn how they can actually complement your existing strengths and task yourself accordingly.  Fill your capacity to the brim.  Even let it spill over the sides.  Gain self-mastery and become what you were built for.

  • Mistakes are errors and failure is not defeat.

Don’t be shocked when you make one mistake,  two , 12 or 100. And failure is not defeat.  Both expose a lack of preparation and poor execution.  A short hiatus from achievement and an opportunity to begin again.  Mistakes and failure are essential ingredients in the recipe of life, building strong hearts, minds and bodies in more than 10 ways.  When they happen, do not dwell on it, because the critical moment is that instant immediately following one.  Don’t collect the mistakes,  warehouse  your failures and carry  them around with you everywhere you go. They will become a burden. One that will be too heavy to bear.  Savor the experience, remember that feeling, learn from it and move on. That is called wisdom.  Throw all the rest away.


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