A jpeg of an epiphany

A herd of epiphanies visited me over the weekend.

This picture – technically a mosaic – is one of the things they shared with me.  So now I am sharing it with you.


To the casual observer, this appears to be a random collection of very happy, well-adjusted kids.  Indeed.  That they are.

But just as there is more to them than a single image from a single event, there is much more to this picture.

As the fine folks at Merriam-Webster have so eloquently put it, the core is “the basic, essential or enduring part.”

Much like your core.

Your center.

Where mind, heart, spirit and body convene, collaborate and create something extraordinary.

Back to the picture.

On the left, our nationally acclaimed Rube Goldberg team, being supported by our Latinists. Next to them, state recognized artists that can bring beauty to the eye with some gentlemen that are attuned to putting a song in your heart.

Next to them, two extraordinary individuals that have made it their personal mission to nourish the spirits of others.  And over to the right, the student-athletes that train as relentlessly as their pursuit of excellence on their chosen field of play.





The four A’s.

The core of your core.

The core of this corps.

More to follow….


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