Factory installed

Take another look at the mosaic above.

There are Goldbergs and Latinists that are quite at home with the group on the far right.

Interspersed and intermingled within the group that draws from the arts and is attuned to music are those that can be found on the left, center right and right.

And while I only chose two special individuals to represent those that heed a call to provide sustenance to those that need it the most, they too fit right in with the other three groups.

You could say it is multi-tasking of the highest and most lasting order.

But if you really think about it, it should not come as a surprise.

In fact, it makes perfect sense.

Each one of these aspects isn’t really an option.

Each are hardwired into us.

Factory installed.

Mind, heart, spirit and body.

The tricky part is developing mastery and filling capacity.


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